International Facilities Management Association (IFMA)

Founded in 1980, IFMA is the world’s largest and most widely recognized international association for facility management professionals, supporting 24,000 members in more than 100 countries.

This diverse membership participates in focused component groups equipped to address their unique situations by region (136 chapters), industry (16 councils) and areas of interest (6 communities). Together they manage more than 78 billion square feet of property and annually purchase more than US$526 billion in products and services.

Some of the Research Interest Groups within IFMA Singapore are:


Functional Groups

  1. IFMA SG AI & Data Analytics Research & Interest Group
  2. IFMA SG BIM & IDD Research & Interest Group
  3. IFMA SG Business Consulting Research & Interest Group
  4. IFMA SG Business Leadership Research & Interest Group
  5. IFMA SG Design & Technology Research & Interest Group
  6. IFMA SG Environment & Sustainable Development Research & Interest Group
  7. IFMA SG Finance & Accounting Research & Interest Group
  8. IFMA SG Health & Safety Research & Interest Group
  9. IFMA SG Human Resource Management Research & Interest Group
  10. IFMA SG Legal Research & Interest Group
  11. IFMA SG Marketing & Communications Research & Interest Group
  12. IFMA SG Operations & Maintenance Research & Interest Group
  13. IFMA SG Procurement Research & Interest Group
  14. IFMA SG Real Estate Management Research & Interest Group
  15. IFMA SG Security Research & Interest Group


Industry Groups

  1. IFMA SG Airport & Aviation FM Research & Interest Group
  2. IFMA SG Casino & Gaming FM Research & Interest Group
  3. IFMA SG Club Management Research & Interest Group
  4. IFMA SG Construction & Project Management Research & Interest Group
  5. IFMA SG Contact Center Research & Interest Group
  6. IFMA SG Corporate FM Research & Interest Group
  7. IFMA SG Data Center Research & Interest Group
  8. IFMA SG Education FM Research & Interest Group
  9. IFMA SG Food & Beverage FM Research & Interest Group
  10. IFMA SG Healthcare FM Research & Interest Group
  11. IFMA SG Hospitality FM Research & Interest Group
  12. IFMA SG Manufacturing FM Research & Interest Group
  13. IFMA SG Logistics FM Research & Interest Group
  14. IFMA SG Land Transportation FM Research & Interest Group
  15. IFMA SG Maritime FM Research & Interest Group
  16. IFMA SG Museum & Cultural FM Research & Interest Group
  17. IFMA SG Oil & Gas FM Research & Interest Group
  18. IFMA SG Public Sector FM Research & Interest Group
  19. IFMA SG R&D Labs Research & Interest Group
  20. IFMA SG Religious FM Interest Group
  21. IFMA SG Retail FM Research & Interest Group
  22. IFMA SG Smart Cities Management Research & Interest Group
  23. IFMA SG Town & City Management Research & Interest Group
  24. IFMA SG Utilities FM Research & Interest Group
  25. IFMA SG Workplace Strategy Research Interest Group



  1. IFMA SG Lifestyle Club
  2. IFMA SG Youth Club


To meet its mission to “advance the facility management profession by providing exceptional services, products, resources and opportunities,” on an annual basis IFMA:

  • Certifies facility managers through three credentialing programs.
  • Produces World Workplace, the world’s largest facility management conference and exposition, and Facility Fusion, a more intimate gathering of  FM professionals with powerful networking and a fusion of education, leadership training, best practices and an exposition.
  • Conducts research that strengthens the knowledge and skills of FM professionals while advancing the FM profession.
  • Provides a wide range of educational courses from entry-level programs to those for highly experienced facility managers.
  • Is active in the social media community via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

IFMA Vision

  • Serve as the resource and representative for facility management.

IFMA Mission

  • Advance the facility management profession.

IFMA Core Values

We believe that working together toward a common goal is essential to the success of the association.

We encourage open and frequent dialogue among IFMA staff and the facility management community focused on active listening and earnest response.

IFMA staff members are not only guided by the strategy and values, but are also guided by their own conscience and adhere to a disciplined set of personal principles.

We recognize the importance of excellence in ourselves and to the association. We develop and deliver information, products and services to standards of the highest quality.

We encourage innovation to improve all the ways in which the association pursues its mission.

We uphold honesty, ethical practices and environmental responsibility in our involvement with staff, facility management practitioners, business partners, and facility and industry issues.

Knowledge Sharing
We encourage knowledge sharing as a result of our belief that all of us are smarter and more productive than any one of us.

We inspire each other to achieve and grow through a shared vision and passion to excel.

Professional Development
We support the development of our people, association and profession through positive relationships, dynamic synergies and innovative growth opportunities.

We recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of our people, the association’s greatest asset.

We understand that we are stewards of the facility management profession and the resources entrusted to the association by its members.


What is Facilities Management

Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

The Core Competencies of Facility Management

In 2016, a global job task analysis (GJTA) defined 11 core competencies.

01) Communication,
02) Risk management,
03) Sustainability,
04) Finance and Business,
05) Occupancy and Human Factors,
06) Leadership and Strategy,
07) Operations and Maintenance,
08) Project Management,
09) Performance and Quality,
10) Real Estate,
11) Information and Technology Management

Interesting resource to know what FM’s do. Click HERE to know more.

Facilities Management in Singapore

logo_bcaIFMA (Singapore Chapter) has been working actively with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. In April 2010 during the inaugural BCAA-IFMA FM Conference, a memorandum of understanding was signed between CEO IFMA, Mr Tony Keane and CEO BCA, Dr John Keung, to explore further opportunities for Facility Managers to participate in endeavours for our building and construction industry.

How to join IFMA?

Click on the following link to access our online application.


For membership enquiries, please email contact@ifmasingapore.org