FM in Asia Emerging Trends & Opportunities

The International Facility Management Association is inviting you to participate in a major regional market research initiative. This effort seeks to administer a facility management (FM) trends survey, in support of an FM in Asia report. The study seeks to better understand:

– The role, status and scope of FM in Asia;
– Market activity segmentation and trend analysis;
– Current practice in performance measurement; and
– Emerging trends and opportunities across the region.

The study outcome will be a report published by IFMA. Please note all individual responses will be treated as confidential. Participants’ names, as well as any employer organization, will only be acknowledged if granted permission.

The survey will take an average of ten minutes and require no preparation. Participation is voluntary, and we are interested in your views. If participants are not comfortable participating online, a hard copy may be requested. All data will be summarized and complied within the report.

Each individual completing the survey is entitled to receive a free copy of the executive summary and a 10 percent discount on the purchase of the final publication.

For additional information please contact IFMA Benchmarking & Analytics Manager Nickalos Rocha

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