BuildTech Yangon 2016 meets needs of Myanmar’s fast growing building and construction sector

Singapore, 16 June 2016 – The third edition of BuildTech Yangon concluded on 28 May after three days of trade discussions, commercial engagements and extensive knowledge sharing among some 3,000 trade visitors and business professionals from the region. Organised by Sphere Exhibits, a subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), and co-organised by the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Association (MCEA), BuildTech Yangon is the leading trade show of its kind focusing on the entire value chain for the built environment sector. read more

IFMA SG Partner: Digital Integration & Business Transformation Asia, 3-4 August 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Adapt or die. Organizations need to respond quickly in order to survive in the coming age of Digital Darwinism! They need to be prepared for new technologies and changes in consumer behavior and find strategic, forward-thinking responses on all levels and process of their businesses.Today, many of the organizations leaders lack understanding and knowledge needed to execute a sound digital strategy and transformation.They are feeling the increasing heat as small, agile and disruptive start-up companies armed with new technologies and new ways of doing business challenge traditional business models! read more

IFMA SG Partner: Facilities Management Summit Asia 2016, 12-13 October 2016, Thailand, Bangkok

In spite the sluggish economic backdrop, Facilities Management (FM) has been a dynamic sector creating opportunities for those taking proactive steps to adapt in light with evolving customer needs. FM has a major part to play in the design, construction and maintenance of an organization’s built assets, which can all have an impact on end user satisfaction, business continuity, sustainability and supporting the maintainability plan.

In this ever changing environment, all companies need to foster sustainable, state of art facilities management practice that offers best value for money. Join Trueventus Facilities Management Summit Asia on a 2 days journey themed around driving operational excellence & efficiency and harnessing technologies for increased productivity and sustainability. This is a breakthrough event gathering the world’s leading experts in the areas of energy efficiency, threat intelligence, as well as on the use of advance technology in FM. read more

IFMA SG Partner, 4th ASEAN Hospital Management Summit 2016, 10-11 August 2016, KL Malaysia.

Private and public hospitals in Asia are coming under ever increasing scrutiny for more efficient management to improve profit margins. Emerging economies within the recently formed ASEAN region are looking for assistance to advance hospital efficiency, partners to share public sector experiences and investment to create attractive private hospitals. This is in contrast to those more established regions such as Singapore or Thailand, whom concentrate on more advanced areas in alternate revenue stream such as supply chain efficiency, big data outcomes and pioneering technology practices. read more

IFMA SG Partner: Property Joint Venture Asia, Singapore, 5-7 October 2016, Singapore

JV partnering among developers, contractors or financers be it from overseas or regional firms, offer investment refuge, a gateway to local knowledge and security in land purchasing. With the cost of debt lowering and an increase in the amount of sellers, now is the time for commercial, mixed use or residential property JV to increase visibility for partnership.

With JV investments on the rise, how do developers expose themselves to the right partner? How do SMEs in Asia pacific regions offer valuable ROI against its bigger counterparts? What CBD still offer transparent growth and how is land purchasing in frontier SE regions transpiring between local and overseas partners? read more

IFMA SG Partner: 5th Urban Renewal, 5-6 October 2016, Singapore

5-6 October 2016
Venue: Singapore

The impact of urban regeneration on the actual revitalization has been a subject of intense debate over the years. Nonetheless, proponents of urban regeneration believe this process is important for continues sustainable growth of a country. Urban planners and city councils strive really hard working together in achieving a mutual understanding in progressing for any urban renewal related projects. A truly sustainable urban renewal project ensures new housing and commercial development projects are supported by efficient transport, a wide range of community facilities and parks. read more