IFMA SG Partner: Integrate 2016 Facility Management Conference, 5th May 2016, Hong Kong

IFMA’s annual conferences are of proven success and highly appraised in the region. The Hong Kong Chapter of the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) is pleased to announce the IFMA’s Integrate 2016 Facility Management Conference will be held on Thursday, May 5, 2016 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, co-located with Build4Asia, the region’s leading Building Technology, Electrical Engineering and Security Show.

This one day facility management conference features a variety of classes targeted specifically in FM and Workplace Strategies with its Best Practices. It will widely cover different facilities infrastructure environment, sustainability collaboration and building resilience for the future. The current emerging business trends and the slowdown of real estate development enables workplace occupiers to become more and more sophisticated to deliver facility management in their organization. read more

IFMA SG Partner: 3rd Annual Underground Space Engineering, Singapore, 20-21 Jul 2016

Singapore is considered one of the most crowded countries in the world. With
increasing population and increasing demand using underground space on a larger
scale becomes vital. Underground construction varies from shallow urban tunnels
to very deep tunnels and caverns .This year we will have a special focus to cavern
development- Building facilities in underground cavern is seen as the optimal
solution to address high acquisition costs. Placing the facility underground will
require less land take and also reduce the environmental impact. read more

IFMA SG Partner: Green Building & Retrofits Expo Asia 2016, Thailand, 21 – 23 September 2016

Both are the international exhibition and conference on facilities management and green buildings, co-organized by IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. and SPHERE Exhibits Pte., Ltd. The industry can look forward to see the latest products for the facilities management for building, factory and town, security, fire & safety, M&E maintenance, plant and machine maintenance, work space management, pest management as well as professional services all under one roof. It is held alongside the Asian Construction Week from 21 – 23 September 2016 at IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand. read more

IFMA SG Partner: Clean Enviro Summit 2016, 10-14 July 2016

Environment sustainability is becoming an increasingly critical issue in rapidly developing Asia. The main challenges to achieving sustainable development for growing cities have also been attributed to the absence of adequate policies, enabling legislation and an environment-stimulated and enlightened public. Hence, there is an increasingly crucial need to promote sustainable environmental management in the Asia.

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore is the global platform for government leaders, policy makers, regulators and industry captains to connect, examine and discover practical solutions to address environmental challenges for tomorrow’s cities. CleanEnviro Summit 2016 will facilitate the sharing of insights on the latest environmental market trends through a myriad of activities including the Clean Environment Leaders Plenary (CELP), Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable (CERR) and Clean Environment Convention (CEC) that will showcase the latest innovations in waste management, clean management, environmental technology and recycling solutions. read more

IFMA SG Partner: 5th Annual Modular & Precast Construction, Thailand, 25-26 May, 2016

If you’re not innovating you’re not growing. Modular Construction and Precast
Technology for both internal and external structures has become relatively important
across the world, based upon its relative affordability, the speed by which it can be
erected and the ease by which it can be made to meet modern environmental
considerations. Whether your need is functional, aesthetical or both, precast concrete
technology and modular is your go-to building material.
Think and work in a holistic approach – The greatest achievement of Modular
Construction and Precast Technology read more

IFMA SG Partner: Aerotropolis Asia 2016, Singapore, 18-19 May 2016

Aerotropolis is tailor-made for today’s world! Accelerated commercial developments around
major airports make them leading urban growth drivers, transforming them from city
airports to airport cities.

The ongoing metamorphosis of airports is a global phenomenon. Quoted in The Way We’ll
Live Next – “The rapid expansion of airport-linked commercial facilities is making today’s air
gateways anchors of 21st century metropolitan development where distant travellers and
locals alike can conduct business, exchange knowledge, shop, eat, sleep, and be entertained without going more than 15 minutes from the airport, transforming many city airports into airport cities,” We are faced with many questions in unlocking the potential real estate opportunities with vast areas of undeveloped land around airports. What is in it for the developers? What planning requirements do local councils and airlines authority impose? How can airport operators think like developers? What does it takes for an aerotropolis to be successful in the region? read more

IFMA SG Partner: LONDON BROWNFIELD SUMMIT 2016, 13th – 14th April, 2016 | The Cumberland Hotel, London

London’s population in the next 10 years will increase by 1 million, pushing already
strained housing, infrastructure and transport to new heights. Brownfield
development has been hailed as the saviour, promoted strongly by the Chancellor
George Osborne and Mayor of London Boris Johnson, they see no alternative but
to rapidly build to accommodate Londoners. We need to double housebuilding and
provide a million more homes by 2025, remarked the Mayor.

Brownfield sites are heavily contaminated, take time to figure out land value,
infrastructure responsibility and capital expenditure. Recent Government cutbacks
at councils have greatly impacted waiting time for developers and reduced the
amount of specialised brownfield planners but how will the October 2015 housing
bill affect this? What do councils and their committees want to see in planning
permission? Who is responsible for financing environmental clean up? read more

IFMA SG Partner: 4th Annual Township Development, 16th – 17th March 2016 | Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

Asia’s property markets face significant changes over the next coming years due to
economic volatility and consumer preference. Do you have the right strategy to face
the current property headwinds in the real estate sector? Are you fully equipped with
the comprehensive strategy in staying ahead in this industry? Be part of Asia’s 4th
Annual Township Development, a unique platform gathering all major industry
players breaking down barriers to the real challenges encountered in developing a
vibrant township.
Key issues on marketability, infrastructure, connectivity, market sentiment,
partnership as well as fine tuning your development at the right time with the right
product will be highlighted in this event read more

IFMA SG Partner: Mixed-Use Development 2016, Australia, 16 – 17 March 2016 | Doubletree by Hilton Melbourne – Flinders Street, Australia

High-density commercial and residential development has become an engine for
economic growth in Australian cities. The convergence of residential and retail
development has proven difficult in large part because cities have become
car-oriented. Suburban development has fostered the idea that housing, amenities
and workplaces should be isolated from each other and visited by car as required.
This, in turn, has led to property investment becoming highly specialised and to the
sequestering of risk into seemingly tidy silos, presenting new risks as cities
consolidate around them.
Development of Mixed-Use is a substantial addition to the area and local city
infrastructure – it cannot be compromised. Local developers, architects, urban
planners and engineers are in the verge of identifying types of properties into the
Mixed-Use project. This kind of property is known as a ‘Golden Egg’ in each
developer’s portfolio thus making it alive is always very vibrant yet challenging.
Amenity is the new value differentiator. 2015 also saw strong growth in the net
number and value of Mixed-Use accommodation projects, with an additional 28 new
projects (valued at $11.9 billion) taking the amount of identified Mixed-Use
developments to 69 projects (valued at $33.6 billion).
Come join us at Mixed-Use Development a learning platform with a unique range
of topics. Learn from industry leaders about their winning approaches and methods
in MXD plus developments, from horizontal and vertical. read more

IFMA SG Partner: 4th Annual Industrial Estates & Business Parks, Singapore, 16th – 17th March 2016 | Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore

As we march towards a brand new year the macroeconomic environment is expected
to continue to improve. With effective macroeconomic parameters in place, plans for
expansion and creating new industrial estates look promising. The current special
economic zone remains a compelling choice for most of the companies to expand or
relocate. AEC is a positive challenge for Asian’s property sectors especially in
industrial estate development.

Industrial Estates and Business Parks 2016 offers the most up-to-date
trends and information available presented by the most notable names in industry.
Do not miss this mind blowing and critical discussions from quality commercial
premises with ‘people-friendly’ facilities, services, and infrastructure and green
spaces. We will be bringing together experts from industrial estate and business parks
community in moving towards a full pipeline of projects expected to reset the
supply-demand in the market and creating better fundamentals for investors. read more